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ChalkPort: LearnCentre is normally only available as part of ChalkPort Membership, we understand that that there are RTOs that must get online immediately in order to survive the isolation and social distancing requirements of Coronavirus (COVID 19). In response to this ChalkPort will be offering the option of subscribing to LearnCentre as a standalone product for the duration of the crisis. During this time we will waive the initial $2750 signup fee for any RTO choosing to subscribe to LearnCentre this way, meaning right now your RTOs only cost for entry for getting online with LearnCentre is $330 a month.

Contact us for more information.

ChalkPort LearnCentre (LC) is a combination AVETMISS Student Management System (SMS) and online Learning Management System (LMS) . Its focus is on the automation of RTO business process related to enrolment, training and assessment, automating tedious admin tasks, data gathering and eliminating double handling of information between multiple platforms.

Automate your business process with ChalkPort LearnCentre:

  • Offer courses online
  • Accept application for enrolment online
  • Automatically gather learner information
  • Automatically gather AVETMISS information
  • Automatically gather USI information
  • Provide multiple payment options of your choice such paypal, ezypay and more
  • Automatically provide invoices and proof of payment
  • Automatically sync with XERO invoicing
  • Automatically create and provide access to learner accounts
  • Automatically provide access to learning material or student handbooks
  • Automatically mark underpinning knowledge tests
  • Group marking options for practical assessment
  • Create custom learning material or upload pre-existing scorm courses
  • Create assessment material that can be manually or automatically marked
  • Automatically mark units and qualifications status
  • Automatically notify admin that students are ready for certification
  • Create custom certificate templates and SOA’s
  • Selectively assign access levels by class, unit, holistic cluster or qual
  • Flag revalidation courses so you can market to revalidation students
  • Export student contact info to email marketing programs

These are just some of the functions of Chalkport LearnCentre. Want to learn more and try it for yourself? Contact us to book a screenshare demo today.

What we do

We look after all technical aspects of the e-learning initiative. Benefits to you

  • Immediate commencement
  • Easily terminated
  • Unlimited users & units
  • Unlimited downloads
What you do

Your focus is on the delivery of learning and
learner progress

  • Create your own online programs
  • Create your own assessment
  • Enrol your own learners
  • Manage your own OLC
  • Maintain your own records
Fees and charges

Only available as part of
ChalkPort Membership


on how to use
the OLC

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