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Support the implementation of your Quality Management System with our robust, yet easy to use, cloud based process and document management system, ChalkPort - QMS Online.

ChalkPort staff spoke with hundreds of RTOs around Australia during face to face professional development sessions on how to embed quality system into their RTOs. During those sessions we posed the people in the room with one question:

'What does your RTO waste the most of?'

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Overwhelmingly, every RTO answered in the same way:

  1. Time

  2. Paper

When asked why they all felt this was the case, again most RTOs answered the same way - because they didn't know a better way of doing things.

ChalkPort: QMS Online is our solution to reducing wasted time and paper and supports the implementation of any Quality Approach. We achieve this increased efficiency through:

  • automation of laborious administrative tasks

  • a reduction of paper dependency through the use of simple document control and sharing functions

  • provision of tools for tracking communication of changes and use of resources.

ChalkPort - QMS Online is pre-loaded with fully customisable processes and tools from the CPQMS - Suite of RTO Materials and can house content and documents of every type. If you're QMS agnostic or have compliance requirements under multiple sets of standards, you can even create additional sections to house additional systems, processes and tools.

  • Access your materials from anywhere

  • Automate version control

  • Automatically remove outdated material

  • Track evidence of document usage

  • Track evidence of professional development

  • Communicate continuous improvements

  • Control document usage

To arrange a screen share demonstration with a consultant please click the 'looking for a product demo' link on the left of this page. Our staff will let you login to a live copy of ChalkPort - QMS Online, guide you through its functions then leave you with access to play on your own so you can see if it is a good fit for your organisation.


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