Membership service - your success is our success!

ChalkPort's business is to help ensure our Members succeed as an RTO.

We do this by providing them with a single organisational point of contact for all things related to RTO quality and compliance and the tools to achieve quality outcomes.

Our Members are secure in the knowledge that they are supported by an organisation that provides them with:

  • System, process and tools underpinned by the largest used quality approach in the Australian VET space.
  • Reliable, intuitive software focused on client usability that has undergone over a decade of continuous improvement and rigorous testing.
  • Products continuously updated in response to audit and industry feedback, as well as legislative change.
  • Advice from a team of experts spanning 3 countries that have spent over a decade in the training, ICT and quality fields.
What does Membership entitle me to?

ChalkPort ChalkPort Membership entitles your business to a range of software, system, professional development and advice to support your RTO on the journey from being a compliance-focused organisation (ASQA VET QF or AQTF), to quality-focused.

To find out any more about the benefits that Membership entitles you to simply click on the links below, or contact us today!

ChalkPort RTO Help Line

  • Professional Advice

Ever have a question related to the AQTF or ASQA VET QF, you don’t need consultancy – you just need some quick feedback or advice? ChalkPort RTO Help Line provides its Members with phone, ticket or email support related to the AQTF standards and ASQA’s VET Quality Framework.

CPQMS Suite of RTO Materials (ASQA VET QF & AQTF)

  • QMS RTO Materials

CPQMS is an electronic set of print materials encompassing a complete Quality Management System as guides for implementation of systematic approach to management of RTO operations and continuous improvement, mapped to the requirements of the AQTF and ASQA’s VET Quality Framework. Our QMS is underpinned by the ChalkPort: RTO Quality Framework, the largest used quality approach in the Australian RTO space. [more]

ChalkPort: QMS Online

  • Process Management
  • Document Management
  • Updates for RTO Materials

ChalkPort: QMS Online is a combination of process and document management software preloaded with the CPQMS: RTO Suite of Materials. Our software automates version control, tracks document usage and professional development and allows you to create relationships between processes, tools and regulatory standards in a way that is easily filterable and searchable. Meaning you can upload/create material in QMS Online once, link content to multiple locations - and update all locations simultaneously with our powerful version control functionality. [more]

ChalkPort: Smarter Data Professional

  • Quality Indicator Surveys
  • Compliance reporting
  • Quality and Trends analysis

Smarter Data™ is an all-in-one online survey management, analysis and reporting tool designed by ChalkPort to make collecting, tracking and analysing the Quality Indicator questionnaires easier. Its focus is on intuitive, step by step interface design, supported by simple to use reporting and is compliant with requirements set out in ASQA's VET Quality Framework as well as the AQTF. [more]

ChalkPort: Learn Centre

  • Online Enrolments
  • SCORM Content LMS
  • CMS Records Management
  • Automated Assessment
  • Automated Record Keeping
  • Content Creation Facilities
  • Content Management Facilitates
  • Complex Reporting
  • Multi-tier User Access

Learn Centre is one of the longest standing Student Record & Learning Management Systems (SRLMS) in the world, having started development in 1999 and undergone continuous improvement to become one of the most stable, client driven, pieces of training software available. Focused on automation of business process and ease of use, Learn Centre is capable of automating most parts of a blended learning process so that your team can focus on Learning Outcomes, rather than technology maintenance. [more]

Cloud Technical Service Agreement and Software Updates

  • Cloud Arrays
  • Real time backups
  • Offsite backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data Security Services
  • Admin Technical Support
  • Ongoing Software Updates

All ChalkPort software is true cloud software delivered via one of the world’s largest cloud arrays, able to be accessed anywhere/anytime without the need for installation, setup or technical maintenance by you. ChalkPort provides to all of its Members ongoing software updates, technical support, hosting, data security, data backups – including real time + daily and offsite backups, as well as critical restore in the event of serious data loss. [more]

What is the cost of Membership?

For complete pricing information and options on ChalkPort Membership please click the ‘Order Now’ button on the left menu of this page.

Cost comparison

ChalkPort Membership is a flat subscription fee per organisation. As we aim to provide an outcome, rather than sell a piece of software, there are no per user, per enrolment or license fees - no download or upload fees.

While every RTO is unique, consider the standard cost of compliance and how ChalkPort Membership can help you.

Normal compliance issue Cost factors Solved in Membership
  • Costs of Student Management System and/or Learning Management System
  • Initial purchase
  • Per user or per PC license fees
  • Initial training
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Underpinning software
  • Underpinning hardware
  • Time for manual data entry of student information
  • Time for collecting of assessment
  • Time for marking of assessment
  • Time for creating records of enrolment
  • Time to mail/provide learning materials
  • ChalkPort Learn Centre
    • Initial purchase
    • Per user or per PC license fees
    • Initial training
    • Ongoing technical support
    • Underpinning software
    • Underpinning hardware
    • Time for manual data entry of student information
    • Time for collecting of assessment
    • Time for marking of assessment
    • Time for creating records of enrolment
    • Time to mail/provide learning materials
  • Cost of Quality Management System
  • Purchase of materials / time to create materials
  • Customisation of materials
  • Consultancy related to audit
  • Consultancy related to deployment
  • Training staff in understanding systematic approach
    • Already created, minimised customisation time
    • Guides for deployment
    • Guides for audit
    • Online induction course in QMS
  • Cost of making Quality Management System accessible to all staff
  • Purchase of Document Management software or local server / PC
  • Time required to create folder structure and set up access restrictions
  • IT support for implementation and maintenance
  • ChalkPort QMS Online
    • Materials preloaded into QMS Online
    • Access created at the click of a button
    • No per user or per PC license fees
    • One hour training inclusive
    • No support fees
    • All hardware and software provided
  • Quality Indicator software
  • Time spent in typed data entry
  • Time spent chasing unfilled forms
  • Time spent transferring information between paper, SMART system, SMART online software
  • Time spent exporting previous years’ data before being able to add more result
  • ChalkPort Smarter Data
    • Point and click data entry
    • Automatically compile completed email surveys
    • Automatically track who has completed surveys
    • All requirements in one piece of software
    • Able to hold multiple years’ databases
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