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What is "Refer - A -Friend"?

Our new referral system allows you to send colleagues recommendations for ChalkPort Membership or QMS Online subscriptions via email. Our system will keep a log of your details and who you referred. If any of the people who you referred decide to purchase a ChalkPort product subscription, both you and your colleague will receive your next/initial month (30 days) of ChalkPort Membership or QMS Online subscription free.

How do I refer a friend?

Click on the "Refer-A-Friend" button below. This will take you to the actual referral page and ask for your subscription details and your friend's email address. If you want, you can also enter a message that will be included in the invitation email.
Note: If you wish to refer a colleague, you must possess an active ChalkPort Membership or QMS Online subscription. Clients using other ChalkPort products are not eligible for this promotion.

Does this promotion only apply to new subscribers?

This promotion is valid only for new businesses making an initial purchase of ChalkPort Membership or QMS Online subscription. It does not apply to users upgrading from an existing ChalkPort product to another product or service.

How can I earn the free 30-day credit?

For each business you refer who purchases ChalkPort product subscriptions, you will receive a credit for 30 days of free subscription to your existing ChalkPort product.

When will I earn this 30-day credit?

Your account will receive 30 days of subscription after a referrer’s payment finalises for their new product subscription.

Can I earn multiple 30-day credits with the Refer-A-Friend promotion?

Yes! These rewards will be given to you for each account you refer that meets the criteria listed above.

Can I use the free 30-day credit on a different account or at a different time?

No. The 30 days of free subscription are immediately applied to your account once your referrer enters their first billing cycle. This credit may not be transferred.

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