1.6 Operating Theatre Protocols 2020-2022 Update
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Quick Overview

This Two (2) hour self-paced online learning module provides a review of the 2020 the Australian College of Operating Room Nurses (ACORN) Standards for Perioperative Nursing and an opportunity to investigate relevant industry issues. Participants will receive a downloadable Certificate of Participation with  photo ID valid to 31 October 2022 upon successful completion of the training. 

This training will expire on 31st October 2022 and participants will be required to complete new training on the updated standards.

Who should participate?
All Medical Company representatives (MCR’s) wanting to enter the perioperative environment should complete the training, Module 1.5 Introduction to Operating Theatre Protocols - the recommended pre-requisite training. However, substantial industry experience within the perioperative environment is considered sufficient prior learning. Also module 2.1 Code of Practice is also recommended as it focusses on dealing with Health Care Professionals, ( HCP's) 

Learning outcomes

·         Understands the updated 2020 ACORN Standards for Perioperative Nursing in relation to visitors to the perioperative environment

·         Explores other relevant changes in policy

·         Understands industry-based challenges of the perioperative environment

·         Revises hand washing techniques to new standards post Covid -19

Accreditation and Certificates
This module adhears to ACORN Standards Australian College of Operating Room Nurses (ACORN). It is worth one (1) CPD point if you are a registered nurse. Within 24 hours of a user completing the online learning module, a certificate of participation will be available for download via “My Portal” from the MTAA Website from the “Certificates” item under the “My Content” menu.

How much does it cost?
The fee to complete this online module is $250 for non-members and $125 for members. (including GST)

How do I register?
To register for this module click “Add to Cart” below. You must be logged into “My Portal”, or you can create your own account if you don’t already have one. Payment must be made by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) at the time of booking. All Credit card payments are processed via our secure registration provider, SecurePay. There are no additional fees for payment by credit card.

How do I Access?
Online learning is accessed through “My Portal” from the MTAA Website from the “Online Learning” item under the “My Account” menu.

License, us, transfers and refunds
A single user licence is issued for 12 weeks access to the purchased MTAA online learning module for the assigned user. Online learning modules are non- transferable and non-refundable.

To download you digital OTP certificate from MTAA

Upload your passport size photo the your “Bio” area which is located under “My Account” and follow the instructions for the photo size and orientation of the photo. You can then send it to your HR representative, and , or store it on your phone.  It is available in the “My Certificates” section of your portal.

Your digital ID Certificate should be available to download with 24 hours.

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