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Communicate and work in health or community services
$199.00 Duration : 30 hours add-enroll

Quick overview

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, management and other industry providers.


This unit applies to a range of health and community service contexts where workers may communicate face-to-face, in writing or using digital media and work with limited responsibility under direct or indirect supervision.

Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures
$0.00 Duration : 25 hours add-enroll
Confirm physical health status
$0.00 Duration : 90 hours add-enroll
Follow safe work practices for direct client care
$0.00 Duration : 25 hours add-enroll
Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately
$0.00 Duration : 60 hours add-enroll
LVR including CPR Blended Learning Option
$168.00 Duration : 5 hours add-enroll

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COVID-19 | Safe Low Voltage Rescue Training Online Blended Learning Course Option

Online Low Voltage Rescue  Course Includes CPR Cost $168




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UETTDRRF06 Perform Rescue from a Live LV Panel  LVR/CPR Training and refresher courses

Who Should Complete a LVR/CPR Course?

Maybe you need a LVR_CPR certification for your electrical trade License or to work in certain industries like mining, solar farms or electrical contracting This accredited course will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to effectively respond to an electrical emergency using a low voltage rescue kit and perform CPR and use an AED on a casualty who has stopped breathing. Suitable for electricians needing a CPR/LVR certificate for work. Anyone interested in attending a CPR/LVR class should consider booking into Low Voltage Rescue training courses  Refresher low voltage rescue (LVR) courses are available regularly at our venues or can be delivered on-site to larger groups. HLTAID001 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a pre-requisite and is delivered prior to the UETTDRRF06 Perform Rescue from a Live LV Panel training.

Manage personal stressors in the work environment
$0.00 Duration : 25 hours add-enroll
Online Pocket Mask Training
$49.00 Duration : 3 hours add-enroll

Quick overview

COVID-19 | Safe Online Pocket Mask Training Option

Pocket MaskThe course is not part of any industry-specific course or accredited training package. As Registered Training Organisation RTO 45284 International Paramedic College will issue a certificate of completion stating you have completed the pocket mask training. This satisfies the requirements of the NSW Police Service. Pocket mask training is now available online How to use a pocket mask is a non-accredited training unit that is required by the NSW Police Force Learn the skills necessary to effectively use a pocket mask in CPR or rescue breathing scenarios.

You will be required to complete the online training and send us a video demonstrating your simulated use of the pocket mask.

You will need to have your own pocket mask which can be purchased online here


If you are completing the online training you will need to have your own pocket mask which can be purchased online here Alternatively you may purchase the mask when attending our first aid or CPR courses and complete the training face to face (This option will save postal charges and is more convenient for those attending other training with us)



The course is conducted and certificates issued by International Paramedic College Registered Training Organisation (RTO) 45284

Participate in workplace health and safety
$0.00 Duration : 20 hours add-enroll
Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety
$0.00 Duration : 25 hours add-enroll
Provide advanced first aid
$0.00 Duration : 30 hours add-enroll
Provide Advanced Resuscitation Including CPR Blended Learning Option
$168.00 Duration : 6 hours add-enroll

Quick overview

COVID-19 | Safe Advanced Resuscitation Training Online Blended Learning Course Option

Online and Practical Advanced Resuscitation Theory Course Cost $168


Advanced Resuscitation Collarge IPC  


   HLTAID007 Provide Advanced Resuscitation is an emergency first aid response course that will teach you how to suction an airway, use bag valve mask ventilation in cardiac arrest and deliver oxygen therapy to hypoxic patients in accordance with the Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines. Sometimes know as oxygen providers courses or divers training course as this course is used extensively by diving trainers, scuba trainees or in Industry or organisations who have responsibility for large gatherings or public events. Understanding lifesaving advanced skills is an important workplace on-site first aid skill to help in an emergency, or before the ambulance arrives.

Provide first aid in remote situations
$0.00 Duration : 24 hours add-enroll
Recognise healthy body systems
$0.00 Duration : 70 hours add-enroll
Stop Arterial Bleeding Online Course
$29.00 Duration : 3 hours add-enroll

Quick overview

Learn the management of severe bleeding from intensive care paramedics. This online covers the following topics:

The effects of blood loss on the body
   Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines for the CAT Gen 7management of bleeding
   CAT Tourniquets use and application one and two-handed
   Use of the Israeli or emergency bandage


You will require your own CAT tourniquet or similar available to buy here


A pulse oximeter is optional available here


   You will be required to complete online learning and provide a video demonstration of the application of a CAT tourniquet or similar and finding a distal pulse.


A Certificate of Completion will be issued equivalent to 3 Hours Continuing Professional Development CPD points

Course is conducted and certificates issued by International Paramedic College Registered Training Organisation (RTO) 45284