About Us

ChalkPort specialises in quality and compliance management, especially within the education and training industry, with the overall goal of helping our clients be more efficient and effective.

ChalkPort started life in 1999 as Training Online International then re-branded in 2007. We are a team with professional expertise in business management, training and assessment, information technology, programming, graphic and learning design.

We build for people, not robots

Our goal is to create software with a Zero Percent learning curve, software that you can use immediately without needing to go through a software learning process.

The Zero Percent Initiative
One of the greatest hurdles to the introduction of new software is the time required to learn to use it. There is always organisational resistance to the introduction of change even if it produces a more desirable outcome.

Our goal is to create software that you can immediately, without needing to go through a software learning process. Where possible, ChalkPort achieves this by attempting to use functions and interface that look and feel like those that you may already be familiar with from other pieces of popular software.

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The ChalkPort Difference

All chalkport software is underpinned by true cloud arrays, in securely controlled hosting environments with multiple failovers for power and internet, redundancy at every level, data backed up in real time, with offsite backups happening daily and failover locations in three other countries for transference of data and services in the statistically improbable event that an entire cloud went offline. In short, if an entire country went offline - our clients' data would still be secure.

Quality is our most important principle and it shows in everything we do. That's the ChalkPort difference

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