SMDA: Quality Indicator FAQs

RTO Quality Indicator FAQs

Indicate what?

The RTO (QI) Quality Indicators are still causing confusion in the VET space with only days to go before submission. Not sure what to do with your QI? Here’s a quick summary of how to meet the Quality Indicators in English, as plain as we could muster

What are the Quality Indicators?

The Quality Indicators are made up of three components - competency completion data, learner questionnaires and employer questionnaires.

When are they due?

The survey reports are due 30 June each following year. For example, if you gathered results for 2010, you submit them in 2011.

When do I collect surveys?

Collect according to the calendar year - usually from January to December each year.

When do I submit?

Anytime after the end of the previous calendar year, but no later than June 30 in the year of submission - ie 2010 results are to be submitted by 30 June 2011.

How many do I collect?

Arguably the most important compliance question in the QI. The safe answer has always been 50% of your student population, particularly if you’re a small RTO. The official answer is that you need to gather a census or a sample that is representative of the learner population.

Do I survey by Unit or Qual?

This is a bit tricky – the QI workshops say by Qualification. Here’s the catch. You are required to submit survey results representative of the learner population, therefore if you have 200 students in Certificate II in Business and 12 in an unrelated stand-alone unit, you realistically need 100 from Certificate II and 6 from the stand-alone unit to be included in your report, but you can’t survey the same student twice in doing so. Again the Learner Questionnaire guide has a more in depth explanation of this.

What courses do I collect on?

If it is Nationally Recognised / Accredited Training you collect on it. If it’s non-RTO then no survey is required.

Do I collect QI if I submit AVETMISS?

The Learner and Employer Questionnaire must always be gathered and reported on seperate to AVETMISS.
The Quality Indicator competency completion data needs to be submitted to NCVER, normally through CCOS, though this can be done through AVETMISS.
If you submit AVETMISS to your registering body, then NCVER will pre-populate CCOS with competency completion results and demographic information. AVETMISS submitted to the STA, or units you do not report AVETMISS on, are not submitted to NCVER and therefore need to be reported on via CCOS.
In NCVER workshops a spokesperson for NCVER stated that if your registering body is willing to take AVETMISS data on all your units and pass it to them they are happy to recieve the data that way and therefore eliminate the need for you to use CCOS at all. If you dislike CCOS speak to your registering body to see if they will assist with this.

Do I have to gather demographics?

The demographic information is optional.

Who do I submit to?

All RTO's need to submit their reports by email. Attach the annual summary report to an email and submit with your RTO information to your registering
  • RTOs registered with ASQA need to submit to
  • RTOs registered with VRQA need to submit to
  • RTOs registered with TAC need to submit to