Learn Centre: Client Case Studies

All Access

Learning: induction online
All Access provides technical experts and riggers for major entertainment events. They are constantly employing new casual staff who cannot go on-site without proof of induction. They have created an online induction in their OLC with assessment that is marked automatically and the printout is used as proof.

Australian College of Educators

Learning: online professional development
ACE is Canberra based but their teacher membership is Australia wide. They ran a series of professional development programs for specialist groups across Australia as a one year project, facilitating live forums, discussion boards and messaging through the OLC.

Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Council Australia

Learning: online and facilitated
This peak industry body needed to prepare candidates before they sat for the Customs Brokers National Examination but learners were in the workforce fulltime and scattered across Australia. They deployed the study course via the OLC and now several hundred users per semester take this university style fully facilitated online course. Learners are also located in Asia Pacific and Europe.

Entertainment and Technical Event Training College

Learning: blending online and offline
ETETC have been using the OLC for over five years to conduct training and assessment for Entertainment and the Arts trainees located across Queensland/N.S.W. They mix face-to-face training with self paced units of work.

Foster’s & Carlton United Breweries

Learning: Product knowledge self paced online
Foster’s were faced with the challenge of increasing the knowledge base of a diverse workforce about draught beer as a product. They used the OLC to deploy training to 800 personnel across Australia. They also used it to share knowledge with their clients about how to troubleshoot problems with draught beer.


Learning: operational readiness online
Onesteel’s Project Magnet was a $300 million investment in processing plant. Operators needed to understand the new equipment and associated SCADA system as well as their operational duties. They commissioned a customised online learning program that operates within their OLC and it is now used to enhance the work based training of operators.

Roadtek: QLD Department of Main Roads

Learning: blending online and offline
Roadtek used the OLC to provide online support materials for frontline management units where the training had been delivered face-to-face. Assessment was a mix of online knowledge tests and work based projects.