SMDA: Extended FAQs List

Extended FAQs List

Why is ChalkPort offering Smarter Data free for a six month trial?

ChalkPort built Smarter Data in response to industry feedback that it would like simpler Quality Indicator software. We have tremendous confidence in our work and felt that a free trail would help generate good will in the RTO community and create industry awareness of ChalkPort - showcasing not only our excellence at software design, but the industry expertise of our staff when responding to support phone calls.

Is Smarter Data compliant with my registering body?

All registering bodies require compliance regarding the questionnaire’s that you use and the report that you submit. The data compliance requirements are about ensuring a consistent national format of the data gathered and reported and while the language of the registering bodies in some areas is limiting, they are not meant as anti-compete mandates forcing you to use a government funded (and now defunded) product (SMART).

Smarter Data comes with the Learner and Employer Questionnaires preloaded. The wording of the ASQA, TAC and VRQA data provision requirements allow you to use any software to gather the quality indicators, so long as these questionnaires are used.

The wording of the ASQA and TAC data provision requirements only allow the Registering Body Report (also known as the SMART Annual Summary Report) if made via the SMART software.

Smarter Data creates a Registering Body Report identical to the report made by ACER SMART.

Example: One of these reports is made by SMART and one is made by Smarter Data.
As an alternative ASQA have selected a secondary report template, the ASQA Annual Summary Report, for submission to ASQA if you are not using SMART. Smarter Data can create this ASQA Annual Summary Report for submission to ASQA and prefills for you all of the quantitative fields.

See example ASQA Annual Summary Report made by Smarter Data

As an alternative TAC have selected a secondary ‘Summary Report’ template. A prescribed template is not provided by TAC, but rather it prescribes the fields the report must hold. Those fields are:

  1. the total number of each questionnaire distributed
  2. the total number of each survey recieved back
  3. how the learner engagement data has been used to continuously improve the RTO’s services
  4. how the employer satisfaction data has been used to continuously improve the RTO’s services (if applicable)

The VRQA will only accept the “Reporting of learner engagement and employer satisfaction quality indicator template”, sometimes referred to as the VRQA Summary Report. Running the Registering Body Report in Smarter Data will give you the numbers you need to enter in the qualitative fields of for this report.

Can I import from SMART or any other 3rd party Quality Indicator software?


I have already collected surveys in paper form. Can I manually enter these into Smarter Data?

Smarter Data has point and click data entry allowing you to manually enter data.

Is there a limit to the number of surveys we can have in Smarter Data?


Is there a limit to how many years worth of surveys we can hold in Smarter Data?

There is no limit to how many years of surveys you hold in Smarter Data and Smarter Data has advanced reporting options that will allow you to compare the variance of multiple surveys so you see improvement / decline / trends.

Can I email the surveys to people from Smarter Data?


Is there a limit to how many emails I can send via Smarter Data?


We don’t need to collect the personal information found on page 2 of the Learner questionnaire. Can I send out a questionnaire without this component?

Yes. Select Learner Questionnaire without demographics as your questionnaire type.

How do I know my data is safe in Smarter Data?

ChalkPort’s servers are backed up in real time as well as daily offsite backup. Your data can be exported by you at any time. All data held within Smarter Data is subject to ChalkPort’s General Terms and Conditions. Critical data recovery services is a fee-for-service for users of Smarter Data during the free 6 month trial, but are included at no additional cost for users of Smarter Data as a paid subscription service.

How do I cancel my Smarter Data subscription if it does not suit my needs?

Smarter Data Professional subscription can be cancelled at any time in writing with 30 days’ notice simply by emailing

Who can see my RTO’s data in Free Smarter Data?

All data in Smarter Data is password protected and encrypted. Your data can only be accessed by anyone you give Admin level access. Your data may be accessed by ChalkPort staff offering technical support.

Is there a limit to how many Admin use Smarter Data in my organisation?

Smarter Data, like all our software, has no user limits or ‘per user’ fees.