Learn Centre: Online Enrolments Catalogue

Online Enrolment Catalogue

RTOs are faced with the same repetitive, time consuming and human resource intensive processes related to enrolments and the provision of resources and materials. But they don't need to be. Look at the following list and see if this part of your RTO process.

  • Manually compiling and sending information on which courses the RTO has on offer, availability, scheduling, pricing, payment options, special offers
  • Manually sending out enrolment forms, then chasing incomplete or incorrect forms
  • Manually processing payment
  • Manually creating pay against and zero balance invoices
  • Manually entering user information into an SMS including AVETMISS data
  • Manually creating enrolment records in an SMS
  • Manually notifying the students of enrolment success, start dates, class locations
  • Manually providing access to student handbook, training and assessment resources
  • Manually notifying trainers and facilitators of which students are assigned to them
  • Manually creating notes of when these tasks were completed and by who

Learn Centre and our Online Enrolments Catalogue can automate whichever parts of this process you wish. Simply choose from a simple set of tick boxes which functions, payment methods, units, qualifications and special offers you would like to make available and our software will do the rest for you, either completely automating the process, or with minimal touch point interaction required by you.

Free yourself up to work on the business, rather than be tied down by repetitive process. Contact us via the 'looking for a demo' link on the left hand navigation to see how Learn Centre and the Online Enrolments Catalogue can help you.

Choose what you automate with Learn Centre and the Online Enrolments Catalogue

  • Choose your payment methods
  • Choose whether to process applications automatically, or to have them drop into the Learn Centre Application Register until an admin is ready to accept or deny the enrolment application.
  • Choose whether to gather AVETMISS data via the catalogue in addition to ordinary student information.
  • Data gathered via the application register is automatically turned into user and enrolment records - assigned to the trainers and facilitators of your choice.
  • Allow trainers and facilitators to login to Learn Centre to selectively only be able to see the courses, tools, resources as well as student enrolment and assessment records that are assigned to them.
  • Optionally choose to make available to students information booklets, course materials, assessment and assessment results via Learn Centre.