Learn Centre: Create Materials and Assessments

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An RTO's staff, materials and training process are its commercial point of difference. If you trained the same way as everyone else, using the same training and assessment materials as everyone else, it wouldn't matter who learners did their training with.

LearnCentre will allow you to turn your in-house training materials into simple online learning and assessment content that protects your intellectual property and your competitive advantage.

Basic Skill Requirements

Do you have basic word processing skills?
Know how to use paint or photoshop?
Can you upload a video to Youtube?

Then you're ready to start creating learning and assessment materials with LearnCentre and if you don't feel comfortable with those things, talk to us and we can help you build whatever you need!

Create something from the materials you've already validated, rather than risk non-compliance with an off-the-shelf-product that hasn't been tailored to meet the needs of your unique client base.