All the functionality of an AVETMISS Student Management
System and an Online Learning Management System in one.
  • $0 per enrolment
  • $0 per user
  • $0 per per download or upload

AVETMISS compliant.
Fixed costs.
Protect your IP.

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Streamline your training & assessment process

ChalkPort LearnCentre (LC) is a combination AVETMISS Student Management System (SMS) and SCORM compliant Learning Management System (LMS), built specifically to meet the needs of Australian RTOs. Its focus is on the automation of RTO business process related to enrolment, training and assessment, automating tedious admin tasks, data gathering and eliminating double handling of information between separate platforms. Having started its development in 1999, LearnCentre is one of the longest standing and therefore most reliable online learning platforms in the world, used by RTOs both large and small to securely deliver student outcomes.

Automation of Education

  • Offer courses online
  • Accept application for online enrolments
  • Automatically gather learner, AVETMISS and USI information
  • Provide multiple payment options of your choice such as paypal, ezpay and more
  • Automatically provide invoices and proof of payments
  • Automatically sync with XERO invoicing
  • Automatically create and provide access to learner accounts
  • Automatically provide access to learning material or student handbooks
  • Automatically mark underpinning knowledge tests
  • Create custom learning material or upload pre-existing scorm courses
  • Group marking options for practical assessments
  • Create assessment material that can be manually or automatically marked
  • Automatically mark units and qualifications status
  • Automatically notify admin that students are ready for certification
  • Create custom certificate templates and SOA's
  • Selectively assign access levels by class, unit, holistic cluster or qual
  • Flag revalidation courses so you can market to revalidation students
  • Export student contact info to email marketing programs

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Low-risk point of entry with the safety to grow

  • Immediate commencement
  • Easily terminated
  • Unlimited users, learners and courses
  • Unlimited downloads

Control your e-learning initiative

  • Manage your own LearnCentre
  • Manage your own AVETMISS records
  • Enrol your own learners
  • Create your own online programs
  • Create your own validated assessments
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Eliminate human error and automate process

RTOs are faced with the same repetitive, time consuming, and human resource intensive processes related to enrollments and the provision of resources and materials. But they don't need to be. See how ChalkPort's Online Enrolment Catalogue can automate this process for you!

Online Enrolment Catalogue

We look after all technical aspects

  • Ongoing technical support and software updates
  • ISO 27001 certified cloud hosting
  • Real time & offsite backups
  • Critical data restore services
  • Multiple data fail over services
  • Data protection from fire,flood, theft and electrical surge
  • 99.94% service uptime since 2001

But I already have a cloud solution... Don't I?

Many software providers promote themselves as delivering cloud solutions when really they just offer cheaper but much more unreliable software as a service (SaaS) delivered via a single standalone web server, putting your continuity of service and data at risk.

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